Rubbish attitude

AGREE with M Cameron of Sidlesham, who took a photograph of someone’s disgusting rubbish that was printed in the Observer on May 11.

Why is it people have no idea what they are doing is wrong?

People from all over the world visit our shores and get the wrong idea about the Brits, dropping

litter and leaving around unsightly bags of rubbish for someone else to clear up.

In other countries, children are taught from a very early age it is an offence to litter.

We have rubbish bins everywhere. It seems some people just do not

see them.

When I was in Portsmouth visiting a friend, I was waiting for a bus and there was litter on the pavement and in the bus shelter itself. A bin was clearly visible less than 3ft feet away.

Maybe the council should paint the bins a very bright colour so they can be spotted.

I get very fed up with people who drop sweet wrappers and drink cans on my lawn. When the wind blows everyone gets rubbish in their front gardens.

How about the council put a bin by our bus stop so people who smoke or chew gum have somewhere to put their rubbish, instead of littering the grass and bushes? This is an

on-going problem. We need either a bin or someone to come round regularly to clean the place up.

P Hobday

Bradshaw Road,