Safety should come first

The latest inevitable accident at Bracklesham Bay, where a kitesurfer was blown into a groyne and subsequently airlifted to East Sussex hospital, was right in the middle of what was the council’s previously-designated kitesurfing zone – and the kite itself landed in a residents’ sandpit.

This is yet more proof that this particular area of beach, which is populated by numerous beach-users, as well as kitesurfers, is totally unsuitable for what is regarded by insurance companies as an ‘extreme sport’.

As stated before by the BBRA, the only safe place is an area where there are no groynes, generally fewer beach-users and away from housing.

Medmerry Bank would seem an obvious choice, especially with its proposed car parking facility.

Also, West Wittering boasts a well organised kitesurfing club with strict membership rules and guidelines, and where insurance cover is mandatory.

I would point out that the BBRA is not against kitesurfing but, justifiably, concerned that Bracklesham Bay Beach is no longer a safe place for all beach-users.

We would advocate that kitesurfers use either the West Wittering Club or Medmerry, where the environment is more suited – where the groynes are more than 40 metres apart and where the beach itself is deeper.

Surely the safety of all beach users should be paramount.

Ann MacDonald

Bracklesham Bay Residents’ Association