Save our bins!

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I would like to express my concern regarding the decision of our council to charge for replacing the wheeled bins.

Government and local councils have to make savings, I know, but not all councils are making this charge especially when the bin has been stolen!

We have been asked to have our bins available for collection on the edge of our properties by 7am which, for many of us, means putting them out the night before.

As mine was stolen overnight I feel that it was not my responsibility and I was only complying with the instructions received from CDC, and it should, therefore, be replaced free of 

What worries me is the council may have created a second-hand market by introducing this £30 charge which will also be payable when the bins wear

Although the official I spoke to denies that there is a problem, I know of a second one being stolen from a property in the same road and I have started to see people marking theirs prominently with white paint.

I have refused to pay for a replacement, not because of the cost but as a matter of principle, and because nobody can say that a replacement would not be stolen again anyway.

Fortunately, here in Midhurst we do have the Household Waste and Recycling facility in Bepton Road, which I have had to use for recycling since mid-July but I feel that this is unjust!

If I am not given a replacement of a burgundy recycling bin, I fear that my conscientious sorting will not be as good in the future, and that will be sad.

We have all put in that little extra to move the bins out to help the collections and councils are making some money from recyclables that we sort, but now we also have to pay for the replacement of a stolen bin when most of us have to watch our 

Andrew Paget

June Lane