Save the shops

Atrocious. Absolutely gobsmackingly awful. So the Co-op plans to move in on Parklands Parade, annihilate that group of splendid shops and remove forever one more bit of Chichester that is our heritage, our bit of fun, our valued friends.

Though we live the other side of Chichester, for years we have used this block of shops for its uniqueness, its fun, its value – Froggys hair salon cuts my missus the best, great butchers for a joke, a sausage and a cheaper good-value joint when that’s what we want, a takeaway to die for, a post office and paper shop we can link to, a Costcutter for that extra deal and a chemist that’s quite outstanding compared with what else is on offer in town. And that betting shop – wow!

Chichester District Licensing Committee – don’t you dare let in this lot of voracious supermarkets, they’ll despoil our fantastic Parade and one more unique bit of Chichester would forever vanish under your watch.

Kick ’em out, get rid somehow, for heaven’s sake stand up for a treasured bit of our city, old-style shopping that makes us so great

here, and please leave us with a

retail experience we just do not want to disappear. Think on – please, please, please.

Tony Spillard

Palmers Field Avenue,