Scooter users are given a lesson

Dear Duncan Barkes,

I would like to firstly point out anyone that hires a scooter from Bognor Regis and Worthing Shopmobilities have a lesson in how to use them and also have to sign to say that they have had that lesson. It includes the knowledge the pedestrian has the right of way.

We have many customers who are not registered disabled but have a mobility problem, whether temporary or permanent; it might be asthma, diabetes, heart problems, recovering from operation, pregnant women with problems, elderly housebound people and many more reasons. There are lots of ‘hidden’ mobility problems that are not recognised as being eligible for them to be registered disabled.

If any of our customers are found to be using the scooters incorrectly then they would not be allowed to hire again. Also our scooters are numbered and have yellow and black signs on them stating where they are hired from.

However, we cannot do anything about people that purchase them privately. I do agree some mobility scooter owners treat the vehicles with undue care and attention. We have no jurisdiction over them and can only control our own vehicle users.

We hire our vehicles responsibly and we are a registered charity.

Marian Court


Bognor Shopmobility