Shambolic attempt

I WOULD like to highlight the shambolic attempts of the West Sussex County Council of resurfacing the road in Egdean (a small village just outside Petworth) on the A282 the main road between Petworth and Fittleworth.

As you can see from the photos below, the attempted resurfacing has caused horrendous pitting of the new surface and is causing distress to all in our small community.

The shock waves from lorries and cars that take this bend at very high speeds is causing huge vibrations that is no doubt causing damage to our house foundations and distressing noise levels.

Ironically the road they covered was perfectly fine. They have spent their highways budget and created nothing but stress.

Several of us have complained to the head of highway (Tony Toynton) and got nothing but a stock answer of ‘we will be back in contact in ten days’.

The photos are from my neighbour Ian Hearnshaw who has received even shabbier treatment from WSCC and is suffering the most as his house abuts the road directly in front of the faulty resurfacing

I am turning to you to highlight this issue as I think many of your readers would use this road and have gone over it (some thinking they have a puncture) and would be appalled by the waste of money and very poor quality of these works. We expect better!

Jan Shepherd

Egdean House