Shoddy cycleways

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HAVING RECENTLY taken to riding a bike in the interest of financial and green issues, I am absolutely appalled at the condition of our roads and in particular, the inadequate and poorly maintained cycleways, (the few that exist).

If more county councillors and employees were required to cycle rather than travel by car they would soon gain a proper appreciation of this very poor service!

On a Monday lunchtime recently I was hospitalised after parting with my bike opposite the bicycle shop at Fishbourne.

I suffered head injuries and severe cuts and bruises and damage to my sight.

Happily, I was wearing a helmet!

I have no recollection of the accident until I came to in the ambulance but I understand that the people in the bike shop have said that such accidents at the site are commonplace – caused by a wrong kerb at the junction of the road and footpath/cycleway.

I rest my case!

J Ritson,