Shops are missed

ALTHOUGH I very much enjoyed my visit to Glorious Goodwood, I was upset to discover Goodwood had suddenly taken the decision earlier this year to ban the little shops that used to be a feature at the racecourse.

Before the Paddock was re-developed, there was a wide variety of such shops, often quite affordable, selling everything from clothes to pictures, but these were mostly ‘culled’ under the new regime.

One or two stalls were allowed to remain, which all added to the charm of the day, but now, even these have been thrown out.

This saddens me deeply, because I always hoped that the little shopping area would again be allowed to expand, perhaps also presenting an opportunity for local Chichester businesses to have a racecourse presence as well.

While I visit Glorious Goodwood primarily for the racing, in previous years I have always appreciated the opportunity to make a start on my Christmas shopping.

It was also abundantly clear that many other people liked to shop as well – especially as this was a useful way of filling time both before and after racing without getting caught up in the inevitable traffic queues.

Please re-consider, Goodwood.

Debbie Williams

Bar Hill, Cambridge