Show cycle sense

I would like to respond to the lady cyclist who called me an idiot as I passed her – I am also a cyclist – in West Street on Friday morning.

The reason I was passing you on the inside rather than the outside, which I would have preferred, was because while I was keeping snugly to the left and using the gaps between the bollards and pavement that are specifically there for cyclists, you were swerving around the bollards in an alarming manner which is dangerous to yourself and other traffic.

I doubt you were even aware a white van that came up behind us had to brake when you swerved around the bollard where you insulted me.

If you look at the gaps between the bollard and pavement, you will see a bicycle shape painted in to each one. This is not for aesthetic reasons but to keep cyclists safe and from hindering the traffic flow.

Also, if I were you I would get your bike serviced as from the noise it is making I doubt it is safe to ride. And get a helmet while you are at it. It is very difficult to defend cyclists when so many of them are completely lacking in any sense or safety awareness.

Darren Green

Homefield Road,