Smug and arrogant over greenhouse bid?

THE OTHER evening my wife and I went out for a drink at a local pub.

While waiting to be served a group of people at the bar were discussing the greenhouse development at Almodington and how pleased they all were to not be having 65 Poles and other Eastern European workers walking up their road to work,

It seems this group of very smug and arrogant folk live in Almodington and one of them was at the district council meeting where planning permission was not passed – not because of the greenhouses, but because they didn’t like the aliens from abroad taking our jobs and having the nerve to do jobs that most Brits wouldn’t touch for fear of having to work,

I employ lots of ‘aliens’.

They always turn up on time every day and give great service to us.

I think those so-called ‘NICE PEOPLE’ should remember just how many Poles and other Eastern Europeans fought and died for us during the wars,

I mentioned these comments to the barman and he said: “Well, there you go,” and carried on doing his crossword at the bar,

We won’t be visiting that pub again.

I sincerely hope the planning permission goes through and those awful snobs get their reward – ‘Poles in abundance’.

P Walker,