Speaking out was gallant

It does my heart good to know that there are still honourable members in, and of, our parliament who have the backbone and bottle to stand up for what they know is right and to speak out against cruelty and suffering of animals in circuses and seek a ban on this awful exploitation by those who would have us believe it is acceptable to involve animals in circuses.

Mark Pritchard MP may have sacrificed his future career, depending upon whether or not David Cameron ignores those cohorts of clowns, creeps and crawlers who frequent and infest No10 and bites the bullet of integrity.

As a former councillor, I am only too well aware of the pressures and bullying which flourish throughout the vineyards of local and national governments when it comes to matters of conscience and Mark Pritchard should be promoted.

‘Dimly Dave’ needs to recognise and publicly acknowledge the gentleman’s courage.

There’s hope for the Conservatives yet, if he does, but if David Cameron fails to honour Mark Pritchard, then he lets himself down, as well as our parliament.

Personally I’m very proud Mark Pritchard spoke out so gallantly. He’s made history.

Lomond Handley,

Haslemere, Surrey