Speed limit ignored

I travelled through West Dean in both directions at the weekend, other than me no-one was keeping to the current 40 mph speed limit. Why then do West Dean residents expect drivers will keep to the

new 30mph limit?

Currently drivers are exceeding the limit by 10-15mph. In future they will be exceeding it by 20-25mph, as they do currently in East Ashling and most other villages around here.

Looks like a pyrrhic victory to me. If the police got their way and ‘engineering measures to encourage lower speeds’ were introduced, then perhaps there would be more interest from them in the huge number of drivers lining up to be charged with speeding offences.

What are these measures anyway? Didn’t they used to be called speed cameras?

I should mention I am grateful to our local PCSO Colin Booker for his interest in our problems.

While on the subject, can anyone tell me how to define a residential area?

I note Chichester residents seem to think it applies only to urban areas. Yet people do live in East Ashling and other villages. We do have similar unobserved speed limits. We also have similar needs.

I assume, probably incorrectly, that we too can expect our speed limit to be reduced to 20mph and engineering measures introduced to encourage

lower speeds!

David Ash,

East Ashling