Spring is on the way

We’re coming up to that time of year again, when TV newsreaders put on a smile and adopt a ridiculous patronising voice, to tell us that even though it’s the depth of winter, despite all this the first baby lambs of the season have been born.

We’re then told how kindhearted old ladies are knitting jumpers to keep these beautiful, innocent, adorable babies warm.

The newsreaders always put on a surprised voice, to tell us how early in the year these babies have been born, as if it has come as a complete surprise.

The fact these lambs are born in the depth of winter is not a miracle of nature; their mothers were deliberately mated early so that these lambs are born at a time of year when there aren’t many other lambs being born, which means the farmer can get a much higher price.

Can you imagine the panic and fear of these beautiful babies as they are separated from their doting mums and packed into lorries and taken away?

Being born in winter means they will have spent all their short lives indoors, never having felt the sun on their faces or never even seeing a field.

How many people even bother to think where the food on their plate comes from?

People think I’m weird because I’m a vegan.

We’re always told that the first lambs of the season means spring is on the way; not for the lambs born in winter it isn’t, as by the time spring comes, they’ll all be dead.

So do you still think vegans are weird?

I hope not.

Patricia West

St Peter’s Close

Bognor Regis