Ssshhh – or not...

Library users who complain about persons conducting conversations when others are trying to concentrate in quiet areas, may face counter allegations of ‘discrimination’ if we dare to voice our complaints or concerns.

I was amazed recently to be accused of ‘discrimination’ against another library user who talked incessantly and was rude to me when I asked him and his companion (who I now know to be his carer) to please keep their noise down while using our local library computers.

I cast no aspersions against our library staff, who are always totally professional and extremely hardworking.

It is not their fault some library users fail to show respect for others when noisy library users, who when politely asked by other users to please refrain from talking loudly, behave churlishly, making spurious allegations of ‘discrimination’ against those of us who simply want a bit of peace and quiet when working online.

Lomond Handley