Stupid and pointless exercise

SO ANDREW Hooper has got together with some of his mates and decided that there should be a city-wide parish poll on whether there should be car parking charges on Sundays.

Of course whatever the outcome, it will be only an opinion, the city council does not have any power over parking in the city, this rests with the district council for off-street parking and the county council for on-street parking – they will make the decisions, the city council which only has the power of a parish council has absolutely no final say on parking regulations.

The machinery for a parish poll would be put in motion involving first, officers of the district council.

Notices of the pending poll would have to be sent out to all electors in the city, polling stations would have to be booked, personnel engaged to staff the polling stations, ballot forms be agreed and printed etc.

All this work comes at a price of several thousand pounds, are this Andrew Hooper and his chums going to foot the bill?

No, it will be charged to the city council, which relies on the domestic council tax payers for income, the city council gets nothing from the business rates. So we, the residents living in the city will be paying!

We all know what a struggle it has been to get enough money for the Christmas lights, now Mr Hooper and his cronies are expecting the city council to find money for this stupid and rather pointless exercise.

If they wish to influence the decisions over whether there should be charging for parking on Sundays, then they must contact their district or county councillors, perhaps organise a petition, and not expect us to pay for their harebrained ideas.

Len Eyles

Worcester Road, Chichester