Support after story

THANKS to Jenny Mouland’s excellently accurate report last week I’ve had much support from your readers in Midhurst – and beyond.

The county council response goes some way towards explaining its original errors but omits to say what action it is taking over the ‘difficulties’ with the new IT system. As one who has computerised two newspapers in the north I can advise the council that ‘rubbish out’ means ‘rubbish in’ in the first place. Was this not checked? And is the council going to sue the providers to recover taxpayers’ money? I think we should be told. Or is this more being done in silence and secrecy in their name?

And when I spoke about ‘kicking hell out of local authorities’ I had in mind social workers who fail to prevent babies being tortured to death and those who fail in their duties towards the disabled. Would anyone disagree?

Peter Chislett

Oxford Court,