Support farmers’ market stallholders

I AM writing regarding the Midhurst and Petworth Observer (January 26) article on the farmers’ market in Petworth.

I agree with the comments made by John Robbins and David Burden; the farmers’ market is held one morning only, every two months, (could do with it being every month).

If people want to go into the shops there is nothing to stop them, as the stalls do not block any entrances.

As regards their customers not coming into the town because of the extra traffic caused by the market, they can always come into the town when the market has packed up early afternoon or come another day.

I for one enjoy going to the farmers’ market, going into the United Reformed Church hall to their coffee morning held on market days, and (if I want to) buy anything from the shops in the Golden Square and High Street.

The farmers’ market does not stop me, but holding it on a Sunday would, since we have now lost our Sunday service!

I thought it was brought into town from the car park to bring more people in to the shopping area to therefore help traders.

Moaning about customers not going into their shops over something which takes place for just a few hours only six times a year is enough to make people think twice about going into their shops at all!

V Hunt

Byworth, nr Petworth