Support for 20mph

Since reading about the 20’s Plenty campaign for a 20mph speed limit for our local roads, I have volunteered to help.

I have been asking people in Whyke Road, where I live, what they think.

I was quite surprised to find the vast majority are very much in favour of any measures that will reduce the speed, noise and danger from vehicles that come into our city from the bypass.

I found only a few people undecided and they did not give me any specific reason why they were not in favour of the campaign.

Many schools, doctors’ surgeries and community groups have signed up to the campaign.

Air quality would be greatly improved if some people felt able to cycle instead of using their cars.

They are more likely to do this if they feel safer as a result of slower vehicle speeds

It seems clear lower speed limits do have definite benefits, not only for pedestrians and cyclists but also for passengers in cars because injuries to those passengers where there have been accidents have been less serious.

Surely we can do as well as Portsmouth and make our city a quieter, safer and more pleasant place to walk, cycle and drive with just a little effort and a modest expenditure when compared with the cost of accidents and injuries.

If others would like to survey opinions in their streets, or find out more and join us in the campaign, please look at the website or phone 07789 843556.

Stephanie Carn

Whyke Road