Thanks to Richard

I WOULD like to send the warmest of thank-yous to Richard Bates, one of our residents in Westlands Road, Hunston, for saving our street party from a ‘grassout’ that would have made the green in the road unusable due to grass two foot high.

We all thought when the council grass cutters came they would have cut all the grass areas in the road but no, they left the entire centre green untouched just where the party was to be held. It was too long and wet to cut with a conventional mower and would have taken weeks by hand, but true to his normal nothing-beats-me attitude, Richard Bates acquired a sit-on mower and, even though he is disabled, he managed to clear the grass and even cut a Union flag on part of the grass.

Richard has only his legs for everything and he is a real inspiration to all of us that live in Westlands Road and anyone who knows this happy, full of fun man.

Thank you Richard – what would we have done without you?

Bill Phillips

Westlands Road,