The Petworth hounds frightened me too

I was horrified to read in the Observer that a young boy had witnessed his dog being attacked by the hounds in Petworth Park.

My husband I were walking our Border Collie in the park on that Sunday morning.

As we walked past the kennels at approximately 11:50, a pack of hounds, accompanied by one man, approached us.

We had passed the pack earlier in the morning without incident, and so were not unduly worried to see the pack approaching us, but we did move over to the right to allow the pack to pass unhindered.

As the pack drew level with us, they became agitated and surrounded our dog Sasha.

She then took fright, and began to run and the hounds gave chase.

We watched in horror as the whole pack chased and harassed her.

We called Sasha back to us and she eventually managed to make her way back to seek refuge with us, at which point the pack surrounded us all.

Not only was our dog terrified and shaking uncontrollably, but myself and my husband thought the dogs were going to turn on us.

I witnessed the dogs snapping at my husband’s arm while I crouched down to protect Sasha.

It was a significant amount of time before the man managed to regain control of the hounds, and even then two of them were left following us while he took the rest of the pack back to the kennels.

The man accompanying the hounds clearly had no control over them and should not be allowed to exercise an entire pack, off the lead and in a park that is open to the public.

I e-mailed the estate management first thing on Monday morning to complain but so far have received no reply.

I was so shocked and appalled to read Kian’s story and to discover that our experience was not a one off. Something must be done to avoid this sort of incident happening again.

Dianne Pearse