Time for ‘silent majority’ to fight back

Dear Colin Channon,

Just a few lines to put your mind at rest – you are not a grouchy old man and you certainly are not in a minority of people who have to put up with extremely bad manners – and all happening in supermarket car parks and in stores.

How many times have we all witnessed people parking their cars in parent and child reserved parking areas and of course in the disabled parking bays. Nobody from the supermarket bothers to check or enforce these reserved parking areas – so day in and week in these miserable cheats have got away with it and will continue to get away with it.

Every single one of us ‘silent majority’ have experienced the downright rudeness, pushing and jumping of queues, even just trying to view a shelf of produce someone just butts in front without an excuse or ‘may I’.

It’s time the ‘silent majority’ fought back – it takes time and it’s a pain but we need to go to the customer help desk and ask for the store manager to come to the desk and make a complaint, AND state you will be writing a fully-detailed letter to the local Observer for publication in their consumer/ opinion columns.

Okay – I’m going to start as from today and let’s get this off the ground. Combating rudeness and bad manners while we go shopping... We’ll need a slogan! How about: No thanks to bad manners and no thanks to rudeness.

A little over-the-top? Any suggestions?

Bob Spearman

School Lane