Too many explosions

Reading the article about ‘Bomb busters’ last week, it made me wonder why reporter Greg Miles did not go to the trouble of finding out other opinions on this activity.

I have lived in the village of Woodmancote for more than 11 years, and have never experienced anything like this.

For a year or more I have kept a diary on all the explosions taking place in the field behind our house.

At times they have been horrendous.

Most of the explosions have the same or more degree of smoke as shown in the published picture.

Now a planning application has been put forward for consideration of more storage units and training facilities.

If this is granted, this will lead to more explosions and a lot more unnecessary traffic going through the village.

At the moment I do not believe the villagers realise what is in store for the future.

AE Shepherd

Woodmancote Lane