Too much bureaucracy

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MR PRATLEY asks, referring to Midhurst, ‘how come building permission is being granted so easily?’ (Letters, December 1).

The answer is it depends on the size of the scheme.

Our small infill site, which enjoys all main services, has had several planning applications refused over the past 40 years.

The latest being during March of this year when an inspector from the Planning Inspectorate decreed that with Midhurst 1.5 miles to the north-east, the site is therefore not sustainable; there would be a lot of extra private car journeys, should a new dwelling be allowed.

The appeal must fail.

One small dwelling for a local couple with one car is unsustainable – compare this to the KEVII scheme of 400-plus dwellings and 800-odd cars, there appears to be a major problem with the democratic process where planning matters are concerned.

TW & GR Harris

Severals Road, Bepton