Too much tarmac to blame for flooding

WEST Sussex has recently experienced serious flooding causing damage and disruption to many people. The cause is not difficult to find.

Due to the over-worshipping of the private car, and to provide for it, by thousands of acres of tarmac and concrete, we have effectively sealed off the aquifers deep below the surface which would have gladly accepted all that rain water and stored it for us.

On a personal scale one sees it far too often: a front garden covered over with concrete to accommodate the second car. Rain is then unable to soak into the ground –no wonder we get flash floods.

In addition, there is a reluctance to plant deciduous trees, whose canopy would hold much of the rain, and benefit us in many other ways eg beauty, shelter and wind breaks. But no, the only ‘trees’ we seem able to plant are more masts for mobile phones.

Incidentally, I sympathise with the residents and businesses in Hunston who found themselves knee-high in water last week. Had the ditch running alongside the B2145 opposite the shops been cleared of overgrown vegetation much sooner, could the problem have been avoided I wonder?

Mr CNC Peters

North Road,