Touch of madness

It is with joy in my heart, and perhaps with a little touch of madness, that I reply to Mr Stevens’ letter in last weeks Midhurst & Petworth Observer with regard the title MADHURST for our beautiful town’s summer festival.

Sadly he is mistaken in suggesting the title is ‘meaningless and unpleasant’. Music, Arts and Drama for Midhurst and the surrounding area, was shortened to Madhurst, and not one of the over 5,000 people who came to the wonderful bank-holiday celebrations last year had anything negative to say about the title, or anything else.

Our tagline is ‘Celebrating Creativity and Developing Community’, and we did that very successfully by providing a huge variety of music, arts and drama in various locations.

It will be very clear to everyone in this area, when they receive their free copy of the programme that will be delivered right to their door, that once again we aim to provide quality entertainment, fun and games for all tastes and ages.

I am sorry our fun title has offended Mr Stevens, and I hope he knows he is very welcome to come to any of the events that will take place during the last week of August.

And who knows, he may find himself relaxing, enjoying himself and chilling out!

Must dash, late for a very important date.

Fr Marcus Ronchetti,

Vicar of Midhurst, Rector of Woolbeding,

Chair of MADHURST,

(and the one who introduced the term)