Trip to student land

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I AM writing regarding the proposal to add extra student accommodation to what was formerly the Mainline Tavern in Whyke Road, Chichester.

This area of Whyke Road, either side of the railway gates is fast becoming ‘student land’ and those of us residents who live among

them have to tolerate their inconsiderate behaviour. Take a look at the pavement outside the Mainline Tavern, it is a carpet of cigarette butts.

We regularly have empty beer bottles and cans thrown into our gardens and most weekends we are kept awake by late night parties, drunk students sitting on our front walls shouting, singing, swearing, car doors slamming etc. I appreciate this is probably a small percentage of students, however it appears that the inconsiderate ones congregate in this area.

I would love to sell up and move away from Whyke Road but doubt whether I will be able to find a buyer if I am honest about my neighbours.

J Collins

Whyke Road,