Trying to cope

One week the headline in your paper was ‘Work begins on £8m Grange scheme’ (October 18), the next week it was ‘You try coping with disability’ (October 25).

I fail to see how West Sussex can waste £8m on a centre that I have not heard one ordinary (I think she means ‘able’) person happy about, and yet the disabled are having their care benefits cut or stopped.

I lost my husband 18 months ago to dementia.

I fought tooth and nail with the great help of Andrew Tyrie MP to get help with care aids and support to look after my husband at home.

I dread to think how we would have fared in the current climate of care cuts.

I am also glad he is in peace and both mine and his trauma is over – but West Sussex must have their consciences pricked (if they have any) and not penalise the very people who need care and support.

As the Grange scheme is now well under way, it cannot be stopped but many of my friends, acquaintances (and I hope that means the new owners, directors or whoever) will continue to have the markets, charity sales, table tops etc which bring the community together and bring revenue into the centre and the town.

Let us hope all concerned will think hard about what is taking place now, in all aspects and, in the future.

Mrs I C Watson