Vicious attacks put people off

At the election of the current Sidlesham council, there were too few candidates, so they took office by default and people had to be co-opted to fill the gaps.

At the council meeting on the August 15, parishioners witnessed one reason why few are willing to stand; it isn’t simply apathy.

A man in the audience was allowed to make a slanderous personal attack on the integrity of an absent councillor.

His polemic was followed by words from the lady with him; she roundly rebuked those parishioners who criticised the council but who wouldn’t serve on it.

It didn’t seem to have occurred to her that vicious attacks on individual councillors, like the one just heard from her companion, might be the reason they wouldn’t.

Why would anyone want to go on the council and be publicly defamed?

Can the present council try to encourage candidates rather than allowing them to be discouraged in this way, so that next time we can have a democratic election?

Paul Albrecht,

Mill Lane, Sidlesham