Views were not absurd

I’m glad my ward colleague, Brian Weeks, has entered the debate on the town’s future.

However, I would disagree with his comments that my views on creating jobs in the town are ‘absolutely absurd’.

His preferred solution appears to be to build more houses on the two remaining area of industrial land, the brickworks site and the former WSCC Highways depot.

It’s worth reminding ourselves there are about 300 planning consents, either in existence or in the pipeline for houses in Midhurst.

These consents, which cover a wide range of housing types, will absorb any housing demand for years to come.

On the other hand, jobs in Midhurst are few and far between.

Developing the vacant industrial land for mixed use will provide the town with a major boost in employment over the years and will cater for a range of job skills and opportunities that do not exist at present in the town.

When people commute for employment they often spend their money where they work and often move nearer their place of employment.

Local jobs also reduce travel time and costs.

They also potentially give young people a better opportunity of finding work.

But fundamentally, a growing employment base will stop any possible stagnation of the town and continue to attract younger residents.

I hope Midhurst residents agree this is an essential way forward and will support Chichester District Council’s principal objective of full employment and economic growth.

Finally, Brian asked when the Tachells House site was going to be redeveloped.

If he had read his council papers, or attended the July Midhurst Town Council meeting or indeed read this newspaper (July 19), he would have found out work is due to start in October.

Gordon McAra

District councillor, Midhurst