Vodafone’s excuses are never-ending

I HAVE six phones on my contract for my children and my husband, I pay an additional amount to have free call between them all.

I have been in contact with Vodafone numerous times and have been told various things:

1 A mast is down due to the bad weather.

2 We are upgrading and this is for your benefit.

3 A mast has been vandalised

4. Have patience, it will be fixed in a few days – that was two weeks ago!

5 We can refund you 50 per cent of your line rental, because you are able to travel to Chichester to use your phone!

6 You are unable to cancel your contract as it is a fault that we are trying to fix!

This is a complete joke, I am unable to keep in contact with my children and more importantly my husband who has been seriously ill and in and out of hospital.

The customer service on Vodafone are not at all sympathetic, either by email, phone contact or forum contact. All I am told is to call 191 on my mobile to discuss further. How can I, when I have NO SIGNAL!

Please get this sorted ASAP, or at least let us cancel our contracts to go to a more reliable provider.

Kirsty Whitfield

Spinney Close, Selsey