Want a shared car?

PLEASE accept my thanks for publishing the article on the Chichester Community Car Club.

Since we volunteers began back in March, the group has gone from strength to strength and we are now closer than ever to the roll-out of community cars in Chichester.

Interim results from the survey, which will be available at http://tinyurl.com/4262y4a until the end of October, have already begun to show us which areas of the city would like a community car.

The top areas are Stockbridge, Westgate and the area around St Richard’s Hospital, while the most popular type of car is a small or medium hatchback (though a ‘people carrier’ seems to have quite a following too!)

We want all residents and business owners to have their say on where in the city they think a community car would be useful.

The more people have a say now, the better the car club will be for Chichester.

Dr Daire Casey,

Chair of Chichester Community Car Club