We are still waiting

I feel Trotton must have been somewhat luckier with their grit bags than Fernhurst.

They were delivered to the village the Tuesday morning after the snow fell on the Friday, even though the forecasters gave us plenty of accurate warning.

I was told by a member of the WSCC highways team that the forecast said the snow would be washed away at the weekend – not the forecast the majority of us heard.

When the bags did arrive they were not placed as suggested by the parish map worked out by the councillors before last winter.

We have nothing on Verdley Hill, our rigid box was stolen about three winters ago, a hill that was very icy even before the snow because of long-lasting drainage problems.

I was then to discover six bags of grit are sitting at the junction of our minor land south of Fernhurst where it joins the A286, a mile away from where it is needed.

A member of WSCC highways toured the parish with the clerk the Tuesday before last and promised the problems would be sorted.

We are still waiting.

Incidentally, a gritting lorry treats the road west from the village crossroads, but not the road going east.

Kathleen Bird

Homelands Copse