We’d all like a raise

SEVERAL years ago the West Sussex Councillors gave themselves a rise of nine per cent while others went without. Now we have their close neighbours, Chichester District Council, giving them selves ten per cent while all the workers get is a pay freeze and even redundancy.

Let’s also listen to some of the statement to justify the increase, such as, ‘this is not political’ and, ‘on the important issues such as our income we all agree’.

Another statement from a new member states ‘there were some members for whom this allowance was an essential financial necessity to take part in the council’s work’. Was this a threat to quit if the money is not forthcoming or perhaps even strike action?

All this is not far short of disgusting for appointments which are supposed to be a vocation, and not so many years ago were unpaid.

The lone voice, to at least reduce the increase to two per cent, was reported to be that of Tony Dignum which obviously went unheard, although we are told councillors had a choice whether or not to draw the allowance.

A list should be published of all those who took the allowance under the Freedom of Information Act. How many of us would enjoy a ten per cent increase to our pension or even our wages to makee sure we could ‘take part in our employment or daily activities’? Nevertheless I can rest assured that when I pay my council tax this year my councillors, with their ten per cent increase, can now soldier on.

Happy new year, or better still, regards to Cllrs Scrooge.

Allan Chambers