We need more caring in our society

I read the excellent article by your chief reporter Jenny Mouland while buying the Midhurst and Petworth Observer at our local village shop.

I said to the lady alongside me, ‘Isn’t this terrible?’.

She looked at me in surprise and shrugged her shoulders.

So I said the same to the shop assistant serving customers. ‘Oh, I suppose so’ and she turned aside.

It reinforced my view that we, the populace, don’t really bother about those less fortunate.

Some of us do, but what can we do?

In a letter to our MP I said that at least they have the benefit of PMQ where views however noisy can be aired.

We who voted for our WSCC councillors do not have even that opportunity. Even David Cameron is asking for more transparency.

How can we counteract decisions made at WSCC that are so obviously wrong?

What has happened to our society that we allow huge ‘expenses’ to voluntary councillors whilst denying support to those amongst us who so desperately need help.

Jane Stuart

North Lane, South Harting