We need this clinic

I have been appalled to hear about the proposed closure of the Chapel Street Clinic, so the building may be used for offices or housing, or whatever.

Have we really gone totally mad in this country?

All the cuts that are being made at the moment, affect the most needy of all people in society, the silent minority, most of whom are not able to fight for what they see is right.

I write with particular concern about the Lymphoedema Clinic, in the Chapel Street Clinic complex, which is run very ably by Sara Cooper, the lymphoedema nurse.

I have been a patient of Sara for many years now, as is now my husband also, since he had a stroke almost four years ago now.

We have to attend the clinic to have measurements taken of our feet and legs, and to have new support stockings made at regular intervals.

In fact, since my husband is no longer able to walk, Sara very kindly visits him here at home, to check everything is okay.

The next nearest Lymphoedema Clinic is at Worthing Hospital, as far as I know. There is no way I could get my husband to Worthing Hospital, and since I am suffering with osteoarthitis, and am not very mobile, I would struggle to get myself there also.

Many people will not even know what lymphoedema is, never mind why we need a clinic for it,

However, should they ever be affected by this problem in the future, they will understand.

Should we not be able to get our stockings changed regularly, and new ones made, limbs can become so grossly deformed that in my case, particularly, I would not be able to get around at all.

There is no cure for lymphoedema, only preventative treatment to keep the condition

in check.

I would ask the Sussex Partnership Trust to think very seriously about what they are doing, before it is too late.

We are both very concerned about what will happen next in this ongoing saga, as I am sure are many other people.

Please let common sense

prevail in this case, and leave our purpose-built Chapel Street Clinic to do what it does best, and continue treating local people in a central location as at present.

Pamela Barkham

Tozer Way,