We’ve witnessed some awful driving

Loxwood has suffered from high traffic volumes and increasing and inappropriate speeds.

Sadly, rather too many drivers see speed limits and consideration for others as being of lower priority than satisfying their own pleasure in speeding and creating disturbance for others.

Loxwood has assembled a very large volunteer force to work in conjunction with the Sussex Police in using Speedwatch rotas to operate a Speed Indicating Device (SID).

In the first hour, our volunteers recorded some 170 vehicles, of which more than 21 per cent were speeding.

Such speeding was on a road made slippery after the rain following many weeks of drought and thus covered in a mix of clay dust and vehicle oily emissions. So not only were the drivers behaving unlawfully and without consideration to others, but were also driving in a potentially lethally dangerous manner.

Following advice from Steve Barry, the superintendent of traffic for Sussex, as reinforced by our excellent team of PCSOs, we are coupling Speedwatch with detailed reporting using the valuable Sussex Police tool, the Operation Crackdown reporting scheme.

That scheme provides the police with valuable intelligence about repeat-offending drivers so action may be taken against them and, in the case of some goods vehicles, against the employers where scheduling fails to permit adherence to speed limits.

Among others, we have in the recent past reported:

- A motorcyclist performing wheelies at around 50 mph on Vicarage Hill.

- An HGV driver, wearing sun glasses on a very dull afternoon while holding a cigarette in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, all though the shopping centre of Loxwood at well over 40 mph.

- Earlier, the same driver was seen driving the same vehicle on the A272 while smoking, making a call and reading from a tabloid newspaper.

- A groundworks company repeatedly sending speeding HGVs through Loxwood

- A scrap metal lorry, grossly overloaded to the extent of most dangerously shedding some of its load.

- A case of dangerous tailgating across the West Sussex and Surrey borders for more than two miles.

We are adding digital photographs to some Crackdown reports as an aid to prosecution of dangerous and speeding drivers.

Loxwood’s volunteers are not anti-motorists, and not anti law-abiding drivers and vehicle schedulers, but we will work very closely with the police and other partners to reduce such bad and dangerous driving to the irreducible minimum.

John Andrews

Guildford Road,