When will KEVII work get started?

IT WAS reported recently a ‘liaison group’ has been set up to facilitate the development of the new housing estate on the KEVII site.

It is to be hoped that one task of this body will be to ensure that the re-development of the KEVII buildings will start before, or at least at the same time as the development of the housing estate. Otherwise, and I would put money on it, we will see a brand-new housing estate, still never forget, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the KEVII buildings left forlorn and further deteriorated.

It does not take a stretch of the imagination either to foresee that ‘current economics’ could be an excuse to leave the KEVII buildings undeveloped indefinitely. So what about it? Will the KEVII building be started on first? A positive answer would be nice.

John Kistner

Hollist Lane,