Who carries the torch?

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THE OLYMPIC torch will be carried through Arundel at about 3.30pm on July 16 by:

(i) Murat Yatkin from Ludwigsburg

(ii) Jason Saw from East Sussex

(iii) Ivy Robin from Brighton and

(iv) Max Harrfey from Eastbourne

While I do not doubt that each of these are worthy folk and have a good cause to be involved, I must ask are there no ‘good causes’, schools or charity workers in Arundel or its environs?

Indeed through Westergate on the same day there will be a lass from Mainz and a chap from Frankfurt. In North Bersted a chap from Dodheim; in South Bersted someone from Hofheim called Ryustem Kobakov. And through Bognor Regis a couple from Cologne und Schalbach.

Indeed when the torch gets to Worthing, France and Greece get a carry!

Duncton has a chap from Frankfurt, Petworth from Munich and Easebourne from Koenigsdorf.

Chichester gets visitors/carriers from Oberusel und Hofheim... again!Without casting aspersions on these foreigners or their credentials one must ask: “Dear Lord Coe, whose bloody Olympics are they?”

The answer is certainly not local people or even schoolchildren who would have had something to tell their grandchildren in years to come.

Or is it, to quote Angela Merkel: “Wir sind alle Europäer”!

Tom Aldridge

Surrey Wharf,