Why has our beauty spot been targeted?

LIKE most of your readers, I am shell-shocked by the decision of the South Downs National Park Authority to allow the development of a small new town in the middle of this beautiful area on the KEVII site.

The letters in last week’s edition encapsulate the feelings of all the neighbours I have spoken to.

I can see no point in having this quango if it fails in its main remit: to enhance the environment.

I naively thought the officers and the planning committee of the SDNPA were supposed to be on our side and not against us.

D. Stevenson of Petworth made a very good point by stating that such a development would never be allowed in places such as Exmoor, the New Forest and other National Parks – so why in ours?

This decision gives the green light to the proposed Syngenta plans and we will end up with this ‘new town’ effectively growing to 800 to 1,000 new houses.

This means up to 2,000 extra cars travelling on the roads between Midhurst and Haslemere.

Those of us who live near to the A286 were pleased when the Hindhead Tunnel’s opening promised some relief to the traffic on this road, but these large-scale developments in the middle of a rural area will negate this advantage.

Is there nothing that can be done to overturn this now?

Can the South Downs Society and other bodies do anything?

I would be happy to contribute to a fighting fund and I know of others of a like mind.

We could top up this fund by abolishing the SDNPA and using the money this would save!

Dr A. R. Blackburn

Fernden Lane, Haslemere