Why is it not a priority?

Your report on the inquest into the A27 fatalities reports that the coroner asked the Highways Agency looks again at its decision not to provide a footbridge at Whyke roundabout.

Mundham and Runcton Residents’ Association (MARRA) and the Whyke Residents’ Association have been campaigning to have the footbridge at the Whyke A27 crossing to be reinstated as a Highways Agency project.

We were told to await the outcome of the inquest. Now the story is out, this is a lethal crossing and the coroner fears ‘there is a real risk of future fatalities’.

Mundham and Whyke are two communities cut off from each other by a lethal road. It has been known for many years that the traffic flows along the A27 are at full capacity. The crossing was viewed as seriously dangerous in 2008 and justified a footbridge being designed, why in 2012 and three deaths later is it no longer a priority?

Talk of providing high-visibility jackets for the users of St Joseph’s Hostel is a futile gesture. There are whole communities that are denied access to facilities on either side of the road.

The fact that children are crossing the road in daylight does not make the crossing any less deadly. Heavy rain can seriously reduce the visibility for drivers who, having negotiated a busy roundabout, are not expecting to find pedestrians in the roadway.

Suggestions of having the traffic flows controlled by lights with a pedestrian crossing are vigorously opposed by the Highways Agency as reducing the traffic flows on a busy highway.

A footbridge is the only sensible way to give safe access for all the local residents north and south of the A27.

Roland Higgins