Why no help for the A27?

IT IS no surprise at all to me there will be no upgrades to the A27 at Chichester in the near future. It is obvious that nobody at the Department For Transport cares about Chichester and the surrounding area.

It is certain that none of them live locally judging by the appalling condition that many roads in the area have been reduced to.

Some major road surfaces in the area are no better than cart tracks and have been for years. Even where there has been resurfacing, the quality seems to vary. As I live south of the A27, I am used to being treated as the poor relation with regard to travelling in the area, but why did Whyke road get covered with a lovely smooth black surface but the main road through Hunston was given just a quick makeover? And they didn’t even bother to fill in the potholes first, so when it rains there are mini ponds everywhere! Did somebody actually inspect the job and approve it? Should have gone to Specsavers!

As for the A27 itself, it is obvious to me that roundabouts don’t really work any more. They were okay way back when the traffic was so much lighter but now with a seemingly continuous flow along the main routes they have become very difficult to get on to. Every time a roundabout is ‘improved’, the flow of the major route is smoothed out (speeded up) so almost removing the need to slow down at all and making it even more difficult for others to join the traffic.

If you look at other cities around the country, many councils have put traffic lights on roundabouts. Of course the argument against that is that they stop the flow of traffic using the main route but if you think about it, that is exactly what we need. Break the traffic up into blocks and there is no need to pull out across traffic like you see every day on the Tesco roundabout. That must be the most dangerous junction on the south coast.

Of course the obvious answer is to build a road to the north of Chichester but that will never happen thanks to the nimby brigade. I seem to remember that so-called experts maintained that the majority of traffic using the bypass were local vehicles turning off at various junctions and not actually using it to drive along the main south coast route at all. Try driving along the A27 mid-morning and see just how many vehicles use it as it was intended. As a bypass. The thing is, now we need another one!

Jeff Chapman

Little Boultons,