Why not our craftsmen?

I was visiting Chichester with a friend, my partner and stepson, and we went through Priory Park, which is very well-kept.

As we were walking round, there was an articulated lorry unloading a big wooden structure.

I stopped to watch, and asked the workmen what it was they were unloading.

I was told it was a climbing frame made in Germany, and there were eight pieces in all, with another three loads to come.

I must say, from what I saw, it was a very well-made structure.

It has nothing to do with me, as I am only a visitor to your beautiful city.

But couldn’t it have been made in England?

What with all the unemployed people we have, and I know it is a very specialised piece of work, but surely we have that kind of craftsmen with the appropriate skills in this country?

Mr N J Holden

Mansfield, Notts