Wrath over new building misguided

IN REPLY to Tony Morrison’s letter (Observer, December 1) regarding purchasing premises for the town council, no matter how many times I read the article from which he seems to draw the conclusion that I support this action, I can’t find any reference whatsoever to giving it my support.

In fact I would have great concerns about such an action and would need a lot of convincing myself for all of the reasons Mr Morrison mentions.

My intention at the reported council meeting was to ensure the matter would be discussed in full council and in public rather than in a closed session. This would enable vigilant members of our community to have a say.

Mr Morrison’s vigilance seems to have had the effect of him turning his wrath on the wrong person on this occasion and jumping to some inaccurate conclusions.

As regards ‘always active’, I guess I will just have to hold my hands up and admit it.

Colin Hughes

Midhurst Town Council