Wrong place for more new homes

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I recently wrote commenting on the plans for the new Grange Centre in Midhurst.

I made comment on what I had hoped was artistic licence on the plans, in that it showed a number of houses where the current Grange Centre is located.

No artistic licence, I’m afraid – there has now been a planning application to erect 16 domestic dwellings on this site. This really is not the right site for these dwellings, and is clearly only a revenue-generation scheme by the council.

It appears the people behind ‘the plans’ have taken no notice of what the residents and traders of Midhurst have been saying for many years – we need more parking spaces, not fewer!

Is it appropriate to locate houses here? I would suggest not.

We are building a centre for local events and sport. It therefore follows we will see days where the car park is full.

Hopefully the next centre management will be busy promoting the value of the centre and thus it will become busy.

We already see people parking on approach roads when the car park is full. We need to maximise the available space for parking, not housing.

I feel anyone becoming resident in this location would also be frustrated when the area is busy with parkers, sport lovers and other users of the Grange Centre.

I urge you all to send a letter of objection to the council. The planning reference is MI/11/01180/FULNP.

Dave West

Pretoria Avenue, Midhurst