DOWN MEMORY LANE The heroes of the Great War

This fascinating list of the first world war fallen heroes is supplied by Down Memory Lane reader Valerie Gostling.

Thursday, 18th August 2011, 10:15 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:29 pm

Valerie, of Tozer Way, Chichester, has the small booklet naming all those from the Chichester area who lost their lives in the Great War.

She was prompted to get in touch after a reader’s recollection of the war memorial in the city.

They called the memorial a ‘cenotaph’ – which, says Valerie, is incorrect.

“It’s a war memorial, and was first situated in Eastgate Square, almost right outside the Observer offices,” she says.

“It was unveiled by Sir William Robertson GCB GCMG KCVO DSO on July 20, 1921, at 6.30pm.

“The memorial contained the names of 323 fallen Chichester residents.

“Subsequently, because of the increase in traffic in the Square, in the late 1940s or early 1950s it was decided to move the memorial to Litten Gardens in St Pancras, where it can be seen today.

“A few years ago, the city council, which has responsibility for the upkeep of the memorial, realised it contained only the names of the fallen from the 1914-18 war, so after much research the names of the fallen from 1939-45 were added.

“To the best of my knowledge, the war memorial has never been near St James’s Road, but there is a monument nearby given by the previous Dukes of Richmond and Gordon from Goodwood to mark entering the city. I’ve always called it an obelisk.”

The booklet, in surprisingly good condition considering its age, lists those who died in the 1914-18 war, with their addresses, and contents are reproduced here.

Do you live in the house of a war hero? Is your relative named here and had a story to tell? Get in touch and let us know.


HMS Black Prince

1/cl Stoker Applin, HC, George Street

OS Jupp, HA, 51 St Pancras

Stoker PO May, FW, 10 Westgate

HMS Good Hope

AB Ansell, CW, Birdham Locks

LS Hellyer, JJ, Somerstown

HMS Hampshire

1/cl Stoker Ayling, GCJ, 2 Bognor Bridge

AB Freeman, WA, 52 Oving Road

Stoker Noel, H, 20 Victoria Road

HMS Invincible

AB Arnell, BC, 30, Church Road

PO Bailey, JE, 35 High Street

Stoker Bennett, HJ, 21 Westhampnett

L Sig Greedus, G, 4 George Street

AB Hall, AJ, 2, Lake Road

AB Mills, E, 18 Lyndhurst Road

HMS Mersey

WT Bridle, AJ, 8 George Street

HMS Bulwark

Ch St Cotton, EJ, 2 Lion Street

AB Freeman, AJ, 52 Oving Road

HMS Impregnable

OS Cheetham, T, 135 St. Pancras

1/cl Boy Hanmore, EJ, 18 Chapel Street

HMS Queen Mary

AB Pratt, GO, 10 Whyke Road

2/cl Shwt. Rhoades, F, 1 Lake Road

AB Turner, W, 23 St Pancras


LS Ayling, HT, 105 Bognor Road

LS May, CA, 34 Basin Road

HMS Nubian

St PO Rapson, J, 14 St Martin’s Square

AB Smith, J, 9 Chapel Street

HMS Ophal

LS Young, AC, 28 Bognor Road

HMS Evorden

AB Scutt, G, Alexandra Terrace


2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)

RSM Graham, JW, 4 East Row

11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own)

Sh-Smith White, A, 5 Franklin Place

Royal Field Artillery

Bombr Carter, FC, 87 Bognor Road

Lieut Edwards, GP (MC) 14 Whyke Road

2nd Lieut Martin, A, South Street

Gunner Robins, AG, 103 St. Pancras

Gunner Tribe, G, 74 Victoria Road

RSM Wallace, F, Green Lane

Gunner Wingham, AE, 1 Shamble Alley

Saddler Yeatman, MC, 90 Grove Road

Royal Garrison Artillery

Corpl Ansell, CR, 76 Spitalfield Lane

Gunner Bulbeck, WD, 7 College Lane

Gunner Heather, C, 2 East Row

Gunner Hoad, AH, 21 Russell Street

Gunner Ryan, H, 22 High Street

Royal Engineers

Sapper Bowden, C, 19 Orchard Street

L Corpl Bynane, G, 25 George Street

L Corpl Hackett, WJ, 13, High Street

Major Hammonds, D, (DSO, MC) 37 North Street

2nd Corpl Hodge, WG, 27 Caledonian Road

Sapper Johnson, JJH, Orchard Street

Sapper Piggott, AH, 24 Westhampnett

Sapper Rose, WL, 66 South Street

Sapper Saunders, WH, 59 Victoria Road

Sapper Strugnell, C, 38 Oving Road

Sapper Warner, CWJ, Summersdale

Coldstream Guards

L Sergt Ayling, G, 20 Cavendish Street

L Corpl Burnett, GW, 105 St. Pancras

Pte Comper, AH, Grove Road

Scots Guards

Pte Aslett, A, 63 Broyle Road

Royal Scots (Lothian Regt)

Pte Richards, C, 8 George Street

Royal West Surrey (The Queen’s)

Sergt Allen, A, 3 Guildhall Street

Pte Allen, HCA, Basin Road

Pte Basford, FS, 51 Westgate

Pte. Birch, H. E. 4, Melbourne Road

Corpl Clark, W, Basin Road

Pte Edwards, AW, 11 Whyke Road

Corpl King, G, 8 Caledonian Road

Pte Manners, HJ, 27 North Street

East Kent (The Buffs)

Pte Langrish, C, 12 Russell Street

Royal Lancaster (King’s Own)

Pte Ayling, W, 23 The Hornet

Pte Cooper, F, Portfield

Corpl Lee, A, 32 St. James’ Road

Northumberland Fusiliers

Pte Hopkins, RJ, 26 Florance Road

Royal Warwickshire

Pte Edwards, VC, 11 Whyke Road

Pte Ford, VH, Stockbridge

Pte Patrick, WJ, 15 Adelaide Road

Pte Smith, CH, Grove Road

Lieut Thorowgood, RWT, (MC) 18 Cleveland Road

Pte Tilley, ES, Stockbridge Road

Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt)

Pte Blackman, RP, 54 Victoria Road

Pte Blanks, AW, 41 Cavendish Street

L Corpl Breach, GH, Birdham Road

Pte Dudman, WJ, 106 St. Pancras

Pte Elliott, E, 13 Whyke Lane

Pte Elliott, G, 28 Kingsham Road

Corpl Fitzsimons, J, 50 Westgate

Pte Glue, W, 10 Northgate

Pte Jefferies, J, 52 Westgate

Pte Morris, T, 110 St Pancras

Pte Smith, WH, 38 York Road

Pte Stoner, AE, Oving Road

Pte Welcome, AJ, 50 Orchard Street


Driver Fuller, N, 12 Franklin Place

Corpl Goldie, C, 19 Green Lane


Pte Faith, A, 61 Orchard Street

Sergt Horner, A, Southgate

West Yorkshire (Prince of Wales’s Own)

2nd Lieut Glenn, AP, Ivy Bank

East Yorkshire

Sergt Harris E, 54 North Street

Pte Willard, HH, Summersdale


L Corpl Sparkes, PW, 57 Lyndhurst Road

Yorkshire (Alexandra, Princess of Wales’s Own)

Pte Applin, WA. George Street

Lancashire Fusiliers

Pte Whitney, AE, 67 Broyle Road


Pte Jefferies, A, 36 High Street

East Surrey.

Pte Burch, PH, Broyle Road

Pte Feast, F, 44 Tower Street

Pte Feast, JH, Gardener’s Cottages

Pte Gattrell, S, St Pancras

Pte Green, W, 83 Grove Road

Pte Shippam, AC, 45 St Pancras

Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Pte Ansell, WAC. 76 Spitalfield Lane

Ac Sergt Bagshall, G, 155 Orchard Street

Pte Croxford, AC, 100 Bognor Road

Pte Robinson, AH, 7 High Street

Border Regiment

Pte Jarman, E, 23 Cleveland Road

Royal Sussex

Sergt Arnell, A, 20 Grove Road

Pte Arthur, D, 6 Parchment Street

L Corp Atkinson, WH, 19 Chapel Street

Sergt. Attis, G. (M.M.) St. Pancras

Pte Ayling, AO, 129 Bognor Road

Pte Ayling, HW, 74 Basin Road

Pte Baker, SC, 158 Orchard Street

Pte Baker, WA, 158 Orchard Street

L Corpl Bennett, E, 21 St James’ Road

Pte Berriman, F, St Pancras

CSM Bignell, WH, 1 Chermside Villas

Pte Billingshurst, HT, 16 Victoria Road

Pte Birch, E, West Pallant

Pte Bishop, JA, 69 South Street

Pte Blackman, EC, 54 Victoria Road

Pte Boniface, FE, Salt Hill

Pte Bridger, EJ, Russell Street

Pte Brigden, CH, 27 High Street

Pte Brooks, T, 28 Oving Road

L Corpl Buckland, AJ, 35 Whyke Lane

L Corpl Budd, TW, 43 Cavendish Street.

L Corpl Bull, TW, 75 St Pancras

Corpl Burton, WMP, 2 Whyke Road

Pte Butcher, HJ, 1 Orchard Street

Pte Butler, A, 5 East Walls

Pte Byles, GH, 160 Orchard Street

Pte Challen, B, Shopwhyke Road

Pte Chase, W, 52 St Pancras

L Corpl Chunn, EV, 1 The Hornet

Pte Clark, WF, 29 Cavendish Street

RSM Cleare, W, 54 York ,Road

Sergt Cleare, A, 54 York Road

Pte Dabbs, SA, 14 Broyle Road

L Corpl Dancer, LAW, 30 Caledonian Road

Pte Dew, WG, 12 Tower Street

Pte Dewey, C, Caledonian Road

CQMS Diplock, TJ, Broyle Road

Pte Durston, H, 12, Basin Road

Pte Ede, AJ, 164 Orchard Street

L Corpl Eldridge, J, 199 Oving Road

2nd Lieut Fitzsimons, T, 50 Westgate

Pte Fletcher, H, 108 Grove Road

Sergt Fogden, CJ, 27 Cavendish Street.

Pte Follett, WC, 19 Southgate

Pte Frost, AE. North Street

Pte Frost, FF, 14 Kingsham Road

2nd Lieut Goddard, SG, 2 Chapel Street

Pte Godden, CTR, 101 Victoria Road

L Corpl Greenshields, A, Broyle Road

2nd Lieut Hall, EL, 6 Franklin Place

Corpl Hall, HF, 6 St James’ Road

Corpl Hancock, HC, Southgate

Sergt Harper, HA, 15 Cavendish Street

Pte Hawkins, EW, 30 Basin Road

Pte Hersey, G, 70 Grove Road

Pte Hewson, FG, 144 Whyke Road

Pte Hilton, DS, 11 High Street

Pte Hotston, GH, 3 Caledonian Road

L Corpl Howard, CJ, East Street

Sergt Hunt, F, Somerstown

Pte Irish, EL, 14 The Hornet

L Corpl Irish, WG, 14 The Hornet

Sergt Jones, TL, 4 East Row

Pte Kerwood, OJA, St John’s Street

Corpl Knight, GE, 58 Broyle Road

Pte Knight, WG, 58 Broyle Road

Pte Lambert, E, 35 Cavendish Street

Pte Leach, W, 93 Cleveland Road

Pte Longlands, T, 13 St. James’ Road

Pte Marshall, E, 59 St Pancras

Pte Matthews, FGA, Priory Park

Pte McCaul, L, 147 Orchard Street

Pte Mitchell, RJ, 24 Chapel Street

Pte Morris, EF, 4 St Pancras Place

Pte Morris, WC, 37 Tower Street

Pte Newman, TH, 7 Russell Street

Pte Padfield, HG, 185 Orchard Street

L Corpl Paice, EW. 26 Grove Road

Pte Penfold, HLI, 30 Adelaide Road

Pte Perry, G, 13 South Pallant

Pte Pickard, E, 4 Guilden Road

Pte Purchase, C, 66 North Street

Pte Richards, RS, Somerstown

L Corpl Richardson, H, 16 Oving Road

Pte Rossiter, G, 22 St Pancras

2nd Lieut Rousell, W, 23 Green Lane

RQMS Scardifield, EA, 157 Orchard Street

L Corpl Shier, AC, 32 St Pancras

Pte Sims, H, 24 George Street

Pte Smithers, A, St Paul’s Road

Corpl Somers, WJR, George Street.

L Corpl Sparshott, R, 30 Westhampnett

Sergt Squires, E, 104 Grove Road

Pte Stone, CH, 56 South Street

Corpl Symonds, B, Grove Road

L Corpl Tabour, W, 43 High Street

Pte Taplin, L, 23 Westgate

Pte Taylor, JH, 36 York Road

Pte Taylor, WG, 24 Little London

Pte Tidy, T, 41 Tower Street

Pte Trodd, WG, 43 Grove Road

Pte Turner, E, 18 The Hornet

Pte Turner, W, St Pancras

Pte Turner, WE, 57 St. Pancras

2nd Lieut Tyacke, EH, Westgate

Pte Vick, SE, 67 Spitalfield Lane

Pte Webb, TH, 13 Washington Street

Pte Wedge, AE, 39 Bognor Road

Pte Welch, F, 102 Victoria Road

Pte Welcome, W, 121 St Pancras

Pte Wheeler, C, 3 Westhampnett Road

Pte Wheeler, L, 3 Westhampnett Road

Pte White, S, 116 Orchard Street

L Corpl Wickenden, G, 9 St Martin’s Street

Pte Yeatman, AT, 90 Grove Road


Pte Brooks, T, 54 Oving Road

Pte Cumberledge, EA, 18 Oving Road

Pte Huffer, WCE, 10 Cleveland Road

Sig King, RM, 180 Orchard Street

Pte Kemp, HW, 55 North Street

Pte Leach, G, 14 Kingsham Road

Sergt North, C, South Bank

Pte Richardson, A (MM), 103 Grove Road

Pte Smith, J, 30 Basin Road

Sergt Stoner, FC, 9 Green Lane


Pte Noyce, FW, Spitalfield Lane

L Corpl Platt, AW, 48 North Street


Pte Stone, AP, 21 Lyndhurst Road

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Pte Collins, HO, 8 New Park Road


Pte Brenton, PVS, 18 George Street

Pte Cutten, F, St Pancras

Pte Gould, W, Westhampnett

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (Sherwood Foresters)

L Corpl Vick, BC, 2 Ettrick Road

Loyal North Lancashire

Pte Hill, F, 57 Broyle Road


Pte Bacon, FW, 110 Bognor Road

Pte Jellett, AA, 48 Orchard Street

Pte Poulter, JA, Tower Street

L Corpl Smith, T, 189 Oving Road

Royal Berkshire (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s)

Pte Preston, J, 10 Parchment Street

Royal West Kent (Queen’s Own)

Sergt Hall, EAR, 14 Caledonian Road

Pte Hollist, A, 67 Whyke Lane

Pte Morley, AL, 100 Victoria Road

Pte Riggs, AC, 102 Oving Road

Pte Tilley, TH, 5 Priory Lane

King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

L Corpl Parsons, FC, 17 Tower Street

King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Sergt Fogden, JG, 2 Washington Street

Riflmn Long, CH, 36 North Street

Middlesex (Duke of Cambridge’s Own)

Pte Fletcher, F, 18 Victoria Road

Captain Henty, AF, Oaklands Park

L Corpl Hopkins, JH, 55A East Street

Pte Ralpher, F, St Martin’s Street

Captain Skaife, A, 57 North Street

Pte Wickenden, FR, 9 St. Martin’s Street

Wiltshire (Duke of Edinburgh’s)

Pte Voller, WL, 25 High Street


Pte Gobey, T, 1 Parchment Street

York and Lancaster

Pte Lambourne, CW, 60 Victoria Road

Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany’s)

Pte Evershed, WA, 16 St James’ Road

Gordon Highlanders

Pte Richardson, RM, 3 Grove Road

Royal Irish Rifles

Pte Lawrance, WH, Portfield

L Corpl Penfold, JP, Summersdale

Leinster (Prince of Wales’s, Royal Canadians)

RSM Clarke, F, 39 Basin Road

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Pte Staker, W, 59 High Street

Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort’s Own)

L Corpl Ayling, W, 62 Broyle Road

Riflmn Green, FC, 109 Grove Road

2nd Lieut Latter, GWW, Broyle Road

Ac Corpl Mynett, AT, 13 Broyle Road


Pte Botting, M, 85 North Street

Pte Shelley, WG, 3 Litten Terrace

Pte Willmer, JW (MM), 19 Grove Road

Royal Army Service Corps

Pte Allen, C, 6 Bognor Road

Sergt Barnes, A, 132 St. Pancras

Pte Beaumont, JA, 39 Whyke Lane

Pte Budd, R, 6 Theatre Street

Pte Collins, WA, 8 New Park Road

Driver Coleman, HJ, 7 Crane Street

Royal Army Medical Corps

Pte Garvey, P, 2 High Street

Pte Kent, TH, 26 Kingsham Road

Royal Marine Artillery

Gnr Broadbridge, A, 30 Whyke Road

Gnr Riley, AJ, 26 Caledonian Road

Gnr Shell, AJ, 17 St Paul’s Road

Royal Marine Light Infantry

Pte Ayling, AJ, 53 Tower Street

Pte Bridle, A, 3 Franklin Place

Labour Corps

Pte Deves, A, Cavendish Street

Machine Gun Corps

Sergt Bunce, F, 60, Broyle Road

Corpl Fletcher, AE, 108 Grove Road

Pte Gobey, C, 1 Parchment Street

Pte Morris, G, 5 High Street

Pte Newman, T, 7 Russell Street

Corpl Pay, WE, 2 Warren Villas

Pte Peters, TW, 66 Whyke Lane

Pte Poole, E, 8 George Street

Pte White, A, 32 St. James’ Road

Royal Air Force

Corpl Cosens, A, 34 George Street

Corpl. Hayden, W. 12, St. Martin’s Square

AM Howlett, G, Portfield

Captain Lillywhite, RJ, 124 Oving Road

AM Shirley, JE, 5 Litten Terrace

Tank Corps

L Corpl Hopkins, GS, 55A East Street


Pte Lemmon, MH, 36 The Hornet


5th Canadians

Corpl Broadbridge, BA, Bognor Road

3rd Canadians

Corpl Bostock, LS, North Pallant

46th Canadians

Pte Cates, A, 28 St Pancras

Canadian Mounted Rifles

Pte Smith, F, 2 Tower Street

Canadian Infantry

Pte Pearson, F, South Pallant

Pte Smith, P, 2 Tower Street

Royal Canadians

Pte Symonds, HG, Spitalfield Lane

Pte Tucker, H, 8 Russell Street

New Zealand

QMS Hodge, REK, 27 Caledonian Road

Trooper Turner, A, South Street