Arun encourage next generation of bowlers

Arun District Indoor Bowls Club's all-important new youth section has been launched.

Wednesday, 8th November 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:26 am
Arun bowlers welcome some potential new bowlers
Arun bowlers welcome some potential new bowlers

With bowls managing to warrant television time, the sport is attracting sponsorship that in turn encourages competition.

At Aurn young people are being offered the chance to engage in a national and international sport.

On Sunday there was a group of children from Barnham 1st Scout Group with their parents joining in. A number were keen for it to become a regular weekly event, which is the plan.

The club’s Vic May said: “We also want to change the image of bowls at our club, by making it slick and as attractive as T20 cricket. This sort of change takes time, but what we want to do is to use the new youth section to determine the club’s youth group name and the clothing they wear. Could that be a T20 look? You say.

“There will be free membership to all eight to 18-year-olds plus free coaching and practice time on the rinks. Parents are welcome to have a try themselves as we are sure they will enjoy it.

“Our sport is a game that older people can play and do very well at, but younger people can do even better. Get inspired and give bowls a try this winter at Arun.”

If you would like to attend the youth coaching group, or you are an adult and would like to join in a taster session, contact Vic May on 07876 480574.


West Sussex A were in action twice in seven days – with contrasting results.

They visited East Sussex and had an excellent day, winning 37-3.

In the singles Bognor’s Brian Mills won 13-9 and 17-14 while club-mate Clive Andrews won 22-5 and 16-7. In the pairs Bognor’s Pam Andrews won 18-11 and drew 15-15.

In the triples Bognor’s David Stansmore with Crablands’ Mollie Back and Fittleworth’s Bernard Adsett won 17-7 and 15-9 while Bognor’s Ricky Greco lost 13-7 and won 16-8.

In the fours Crablands’ Reg Hatch with Lavant’s Terry Haigh won 10-7 and 6-5 while Bognor’s Marlene Steel with Fittleworth’s Dave Herbert won 16-10 and 9-7.

When they entertained London at Westergate, the story was rather different as they lost 24-16 – but ended 201-188 up in shots.

In the singles Brian Mills lost 22-9 and 17-7 while Clive Andrews won 20-9 and lost 15-12. In the pairs Pam Andrews lost 14-13 and 13-10 while Ricky Greco lost 15-11 and 15-12.

In the triples David Stansmore, Mollie Back and Bernard Adsett lost 14-9 and won 19-3. In the fours Marlene Steel and Terry Haigh lost 9-7 and won 10-3 while Dave Herbert won 14-10 and lost 12-7.

The B team entertained Kent in a friendly and, against strong opposition, lost 23-17.

In the singles Crablands’ Dennis Caiger lost 19-6 and won 12-11. In the pairs Crablands’ Denise Merritt won 15-11 and lost 14-13.

In the triples Fittleworth’s Jane Adsett lost 15-8 and won 15-6 while The Martlets’ Monica Enticknap lost 15-11 and drew 14-14. In the fours Bognor’s Peta Watters and Peter Watters with Crablands’ Rod Shambrook lost 16-6 and won 18-5 while Fittleworth’s David Luxford lost 11-9 and won 11-9.


Arun ladies played Worthing Pavilion in the Yetton Cup. The competition involves two teams of four at home and two teams of four away.

Arun lost both away games by a very small margin, but won very convincingly at home for a final score of 94-68 in their favour.

Scores: home – V Greenaway, M Bacon, G Conley, W Adams won 35-14; D Mitchell, S Stocker, B Spicer, M Richards won 27-14; away – L Curtis, I Brooker, B Collins, A Janman lost 17-15; C Hobbs, J Taffurelli, C Horsley, D Latter lost 23-17;

Arun ladies hosted six rinks against the Sussex patrons. Arun came out on top by 133-83.

Scores: I Brooker, D Green, M Bacon, B Spicer won 28-9; M Bonney, J Whitfield, M Phillips, D Latter won 27-10; C Hobbs, L Hathaway, S Miles, C Bowles won 23-9; J Foster, M Fair, S Jones, M Richards won 24-14; V Greenaway, M Brand, E Hall, G Conley lost 23-20; L Curtis, B Williams, B Collins, A Janman lost 18-11.


When Bognor Goodwoods Silver played Nyetimber Lions, Marion and Brian Goodland and Jean and Elwyn Morgan won 26-21.

But that was not quite sufficient to overcome the 21-15 loss suffered by Peta and Peter Watters and Tony Unicombe and Geoff Maguire.

Members of Bognor Goodwoods recently in a short mats bowls competition at Potters, the international bowls centre.

Two of the teams got through to the knockout stage. Jean and Elwyn Morgan teamed up with Roger Hawke from Cowfold and went on to beat a team from Belgium to reach the semi-finals, where they were defeated narrowly by a Kent team fielding county players.


Midhurst Eagles lost their friendly against Lavant with heavy defeats on two mats but a good win on one resulting in a 74-50 loss overall.

Scores: A Burton,I Frost, D Berry, T Berry won 26-12; S Trussler, D Burton, J Etheridge-Barns R Weeks lost 29-9; D Morgan, S Trussler, B Fallows, C Morgan lost 33-15.

In their league match against Walberton, the Eagles had a very good win, winning well on both league mats and on the friendly mat.

Scores: D Morgan,B Fallows, D Berry, T Berry won 35-13; S Trussler, C Dixon, C Morgan, R Weeks won 27-8; (friendly): C Harkness, S Trussler, R Softly, B Osbourne won 18-16.


Lavant have started the season with a busy October. They began with the Reds playing at home to Upper Beeding and managed to squeak a 39-34 win.

The Blues played at home to Avocets, coming away with a 43-38 win and the friendly mat winning 28-18.

The Blues were in action again away to Crablands Bitterns and after a hard-fought game lost to the home team 45-38. The friendly team struggled and lost 24-9.

There was no rest for the Blues – they took on Ashington at home in a cup match. Again their mettle was tested but they came away with a 40-34 win. The friendly team took a 29-11 victory.

Lavant took on friendly rivals Midhurst Eagles, who struggled on the ‘foreign’ mats leaving a score of 74-50 to the home team.

In the latest cup round, Lavant hosted Arundel Swallows. The scores on mat one went to and fro with a narrow win for the hosts while on mat two the visitors worked hard but failed to find the rub of the green, giving Lavant the overall win of 69-23.

The friendly looked like going the visitors’ way but Lavant managed to fight back end by end, gradually catching up to win 22-15.


Following the club’s ladies’ idea, and not being content just with playing lawn green bowls, indoor bowls and carpet bowls, the men of Little Spain Bowls Club had an evening out at Chichester’s tenpin bowling alley, followed by a meal and drinks at a local pub.

A great time was had by all and there were so many strikes that one member suggested that they should form a team.