Bognor darts flock can only follow Sheppard

As the Bognor Summer Darts League season nears its end, the divisional pairs knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club.

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 3:38 pm
The division-one pairs winners, Tony Phillips and Mark Sheppard

There were 74 players taking part, a great turnout. In division three 12 pairs took to the oche. The first semi-final saw Newtown Club duo Mark Wingate and Jill Mitchell lose to clubmates Simon Mitchell and Tony Miles.

The second semi-final saw Paul Bizzell (QE2 Lions) and Joe Osman (QE2 Devils) go out to Graeme Dutton and Ian Kewin (Newtown Clubbers).

The final saw Dutton and Kewin get the early lead and Dutton eventually hit double eight for the first leg.

The second leg saw Mitchell and Miles and it ended when Mitchell had a chance at double four which he hit to take the second leg. The last leg saw Dutton and Kewin take the lead and go on to claim the division three pairs champions title.

In division two, another 12 pairs stepped up. The semi-finals saw Arthur Clark and Derek Mitchell (Chi Snooker Club) lose to Andy Chant and Dave Bourne (Aldwick Legion) and Adam Hall and Adam Judd (Aldingbourne Mavericks) defeat John Luff and Rob Rice (Chi Snooker Club).

In the final’s first leg Judd was left with 30 which he hit with his second dart to go 1-0 up. The second leg saw a slower start from both sides, but Judd needed 32 and got it to take the division two title.

There were 13 division-one pairs and in the semis, Dave Owens and Colin Mace (Friary ‘Z’) beat Rob Tite (Newtown Amity) and Len Dixey (Royal Oak) and father and son Rob and Billy Collins (Friary ‘Z’) lose to Mark Sheppard and Tony Phillips (Hunston Hares).

In the final Sheppard and Phillips went first, with Sheppard starting with 121. Sheppard then hit a ton, followed by 85 from Phillips. Owens and Mace just caught up, but the first-leg double was hit by Sheppard.

The second leg began with a Sheppard ton, followed again by 85 from Phillips. A 121 and a 95 from Owens pulled them closer, but Mace could only leave 20.

Owens and Mace both missed the doubles on their next throws, giving Sheppard another go at double two which he hit with his second dart, making them division-one champions.