Bognor darts players sail to singles successes

The last knockouts of the Bognor Friday Night Summer Darts League season at the Newtown Social Club were the divisional singles knockouts.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 9:00 am
Division 1 Singles KO winner Micky Rowland and runner-up Richard Ragless

Fifty players competed over the three divisions, way short of the record. Some 15 players played in the division-three knockout.

After a first-round 180 from Ian Kewin (Newtown Clubbers) he won the first semi-final against Esme Davis (Richmond ‘B’). The second semi-final saw Martin Connelly (QE2 Devils) lose to Simon Edwards (Richmond ‘B’).

Kewin won the bullseye to go first and struck a 140. Kewin took the first leg then forged ahead with 85, 85, 81, and 137 in the second, going on to left the division-three title.

In division two 16 took part. Larry Chant (Aldwick Legion) lost the first semi-final to team-mate Dave Bourne.

The second semi-final saw Dave Coupland (Royal Oak) go out to Mark R Todd (BRSA Ravens).

Todd went first in the final and won the first leg. The second leg saw Bourne pip Todd.

In the last leg Bourne got the only ton, but missed treble 18 to help get a 104 out-shot and then struggled. Eventually Todd hit double six for the division two title.

The darts flock follow SheppardTeam bosses take turn on ocheA total of 19 players took part in division one.

The first semi-final saw Alex Norgett (Newtown Amity) lose to Richard Ragless (Friary ‘Z’). The second was between Andy Stubbs (Hunston Hares) and Micky Rowland (Friary ‘Z’), and Rowland made it an all Friary Z final.

Rowland won the bullseye to go first, eventually hitting single 20 and double top in two darts for the first leg.

Ragless started the second leg with five, giving Rowland a head start. Ragless eventually hit 81 and 120, but he was still behind. Rowland missed a few chances at doubles, but so did Ragless. Eventually Rowland hit double four to take the leg and the final 2-0, taking the division-one title.