Bowls: Pagham showcases fours to be reckoned with

The Pagham open mixed fours tournament for the Alan Williams Shield attracted 24 teams from neighbouring clubs.

Monday, 9th July 2012, 1:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:54 pm

Each played four sessions of seven ends in the event, again sponsored by Reynolds.

Going into the last session there were three teams on six points and one on five. By the end of the competition there were six teams on six points but the winners were one of the East Preston & Kingston Bowls Club teams, comprising D Robinson, I Morris, G Robinson and J Morris with seven points.

The Alan Williams Shield, litre bottles of gin and whiskey plus vouchers for M&S were presented by Pagham president Doreen Ellis.

Pagham ladies lost 40-35 at home to Middleton in the C&M League.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Ann Calvert, Pat Friday, Maureen King lost 18-14; Gill Conley, Sheila Stocker, Iris Brooker, Joan Wells lost 22-21.

Pagham men sent three friendly triples to play Hotham and won 67-37.

Scores: Roy Osment, Tony Wells, David Spink lost 18-14; Peter Langridge, Daniel Lovell, Len Hall won 20-12;

John Stewart, Brian Sales, John Newell won 33-7.

Pagham men hosted Aldingbourne in the Littlehampton Gazette League and won 83-79 to gain six points.

Scores: Nigel Terry, Douglas Vaughan, Peter Quilter, Roy Livermore won 28-12; Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, David Spink, Mike English won 23-13; Peter Green, Gerry Stevens, John Newell, Ron Friday lost 23-15; Peter Langridge, Daniel Lovell, Paul Mayoss, Eric King lost 31-17.

Pagham played four friendly mixed triples at Midhurst and won 79-56.

Scores: Joan Wells, Roy Donaldson, Paul Mayoss lost 18-10; David Westcott, Gay Stewart, Len Hall won 14-12; Robert Pearson, John Stewart, David Spink won 28-13; Mary Donaldson, Chris Mayoss, Mike English won 27-13.

Pagham men played West Tarring in the LG League. They won 78-77 for six points.

Scores: Robert Pearson, Douglas Vaughan, David Spink, Mike English won 19-17; Nigel Terry, Gerry Stevens, John Newell, Ron Friday lost 21-20; Peter Green, Bagsy Smith, Paul Mayoss, Roy Livermore won 24-18; John Burke, Peter Quilter, Len Hall, Eric King lost 21-15.

Pagham ladies played Aldingbourne at home in the C&M Trophies League and won 43-27, gaining four points.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Joan Wells, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley lost 20-19 to E Taylor, J Robini, M Taylor, J Hamilton; Sabina Livermore, Frances Ireland, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King beat M Richards, A Howson, L Hathaway, J Whetstone 24-7; Gay Stewart, Doreen Ellis, Ann Calvert, Marlene Steel lost 21-19 to S Carter, P Wyatt, M Bacon, B Cunningham.

Pagham sent three friendly triples to play the Grasshoppers and it ended 46-46.

Scores: David Westcott, Daniel Lovell, Tony Wells lost 17-12; Brian Calvert, Alan Boucher, Paul Mayoss won 16-13; Barry Baines, Bagsy Smith, Mike English won 18-16.


Bognor visited Arundel for an LG League division-one match, winning on all four rinks and with a shot score of 90-61 to take ten points.

Scores: R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 20-17; K Hellyer, N Waddock, J Whitfield, J Roots won 19-14; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, J Weatheral won 26-17; D Parker, S Soames, T Moore, T Gaskin won 25-13.

Bognor B hosted an LG division-three match, winning on three rinks for a 90-61 win and eight points.

Scores: R Bobbett, D Dalton, G Verrinder, S Soames won 25-13; K Taylor, A Harrison, D Purse, M Philpott won 33-13; E Love, N Burchfell, D Matkins, C Keedwell won 22-19; A Knight, G Herrinton, J Edwards, J Parry lost 28-17.

Croydon Municipal Officers came to Bognor for the return leg of an annual match. Five rinks of mixed fours resulted in Croydon taking four rinks and Bognor one with a shot score of 78-99 to Croydon.

Scores: A Harrison, Rita Waddock, Pauline White, R Gardner lost 20-12; Alma Harrison, P Dale, D Matkins, Christine Preston lost 20-19; Mary Ray, Pam Townsend, P Phillips, T Rexstrew lost 21-14; G Cook, Brenda Seabrook, W Bury, J Parry won 19-18; Barbara Reardon, G Herington, J Edwards, Margaret Phillips lost 20-14.


Witterings 65 Telepost 50

Witterings played a four-triples mixed friendly against Telepost. Witterings won on three rinks and the overall score was a win for Witterings by 15 shots.

Scores: M Lillywhite, P Hutton & C Tuffin (s) won 17-8; A Somerville, J Mulligan & M Mulligan (s) won 20-12; T Nixon, V Hooker & J Hostler (s) won 17-14; P White, J Bangs & S Hooker (s) lost 16-11.

Chichester B 84 Witterings 61

Witterings men played in a Littlehampton Gazette League match away to Chichester B. Chichester B won on three rinks, Witterings on one and the home side won by 23 shots. Witterings gained two points.

Scores: F Bray, A Gander, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) lost 18-17; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs & D Bell (s) won 19-16; J Hardy, S Hooker, R Stephens & B Horsley (s) lost 21-12; M White, G Morgan, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) lost 29-13.

Witterings Ladies 43 E Preston Ladies 31

Witterings ladies won this friendly on both rinks and by 12 shots.

Scores: G Porter, J Bangs, M Mulligan & D Leach (s) won 24-14; L Swift, P Hutton, B Newman & M Aylward (s) won 19-17.

Witterings 79 Hotham 29

Witterings won well in a three-triples mixed friendly against Hotham. Witterings won on all three rinks and by 50 shots.

Scores: M Trusler, R Hanbury & S Hooker (s) won 31-11; L Thomas, P Chivers & L Bangs (s) won 17-9; G Porter, G Morgan & J Derkatsch (s) won 31-9.


Worthing Pavilion 107 Southbourne 63

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Southbourne failed to get a point - even though three of the rinks could have gone either way.

Scores: A Williams, P Garrard, R Armstrong, A Bull lost 21-17; D Young, D Walter, C Petchey, A Smith lost

23-15; K Lockyer, W Coates, E Dewing, R Bull lost 35-4; J Scorey, F Armstrong, D Alner, P Butler lost 28-27.

Arundel 69 Southbourne 76

Southbourne did rather better in their Littlehampton Gazette League visit to Arundel, winning on two rinks and overall to gain six points.

Scores: A Williams, M Soper, D Alner, D Fewell lost 19-17; S Soper, F Heil, J Simmonds, A Bull won 25-16;

J Scorey, A Grief, R Bull, R Armstrong lost 28-14; C Petchey, E dewing, A Smith, P Butler won 20-6.

Arundel Ladies 29 Southb’ne Ladies 16

Southbourne had a friendly rink with Arundel on the same day as the league match.

Scores: A Bull, I Jennings, S Heil, M Odell lost 29-16.

Southbourne 65 Graffham 25

In a fixture that has been going for many years, Southbourne had an enjoyable friendly at home to Graffham.

Scores: D Hibberd, M Baylis, P Garrard won 24-6; E Johnson, D Moseley, J Jennings won 18-13; D Young,

I Jennings, F Heil won 23-6.


Norfolk 33 Chichester 47

Chichester ladies had a successful afternoon at Norfolk in the C&M League, winning on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Steph Baverstock, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams won 22-11; Daphne Anderson, Mary Potter, Betty Spicer & April Janman won 25-22.


Arundel lost 49-31 to East Preston in a two-rink C&M League match – and went down 90-70 to the same opposition in a four-rink LG League match.

Arundel took four points from the latter clash.

Scores: S Puttick 15 G Robinson 19; M Wallinger 16 B Lemondine 30; B Heal 14 M Webb 27; J Lee 11 J Davis 30; A Batchelor 21 J Dicker 13; J Rose 24 J Holt 20.


A win, a draw and and a defeat ended in a 50-43 loss for Fittleworth at Norfolk.

Scores: Frances Etherington, Marc Wood, Sue Judd won 14-11; Audrey Hodgson, Mike Ryan, Bernard Adsett drew 18-18; Peter Martin, Pauline Gilpin, Alvar Etherington lost 21-11.

Fittleworth could win on only one rink against Tarring Priory and lost 50-39.

Scores: Frances Etherington, Pauline Gilpin, Alan Jordan lost 17-7; Peter Martin, Bernard Adsett, Sheila Allen lost 23-17; Jane Adsett, Alvar Etherington, Gina Barnfield won 15-10.

Fittleworth’s visit to Storrington resulted in a 57-48 win for the visitors.

Scores: Marc Woods, Brian Ball, Sue Judd lost 16-15; Pauline Gilpin, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 21-20; Peter Martin, Sheila Allen, Alan Jordan won 21-12.


Div 1: Pagham (4pts) 43 Aldingbourne (2pts) 27

(G Conley 19 J Hamilton 20; M King 24 J Whetstone 7); Arundel 31 East Preston (6pts) 49 (M Wallinger 16

B Lemondine 30; S Puttick 15 G Robinson 19); Middleton 30 Crablands (6pts) 40 (J Gower 18 J Rawlins 19;

A Stevenson 12 M Brown 21); Norfolk 33 Chichester (6pts) 47 (S Botting 22 A Janman 25; L Curtis 11 W Adams 22); Crablands (6pts) 58 East Preston 28 (M Brown 25 G Johnston 17; S Blyth 33 G Robinson 11).

Div 2: Maltravers (6pts) 67 Petworth 19 (F Steele 33

S Miles 10; D Horn 34 B Bonnar 9); Worthing Pavilion (6pts) 54 Marine Gardens 33 (M Hancock 18 J Colbourn 16; J Lewis 36 Pearson 17); Lancing (6pts) 60 Storrington 23 (B Gosden 22 P Bain 14; L Gray 38 J Ackerman 9).