Couzens: I've got power to spring shock

DANNY COUZENS is ready to spring a title shock tonight.

Saturday, 16th July 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:21 pm

And the Titchfield battler believes he has the power to upset Wadi Camacho in their Southern Area cruiserweight showdown in London.

The needle was ramped up between the pair as they squared off at yesterday’s weigh-in.

That proved a heated affair as Camacho tipped the scales at 14st 3lb and Couzens came in at 14st.

Couzens goes into the meeting at the York Hall in the Bethnal Green as underdog against the champion.

That’s a status he’s comfortable with, however, as he boxes at the home of British boxing.

Couzens is hoping it will be third time lucky after two previous Southern Area title defeats.

Many in boxing are predicting a stoppage win for Camacho, but the 31-year-old feels that’s disrespectful to his durable record.

In fact, Couzens believes he possesses the power to upset the odds in the top-of-the-bill match-up.

He said: ‘I’m being written off.

‘There’s always someone popping up saying I’m going to lose and get stopped - it’s more fuel to the fire.

‘Why do they think they are going to stop me? It’s happened once in my career to someone who punches way harder than Wadi Camacho.

‘I’m a durable fighter. If anyone’s getting stopped it’s him.

‘He’s been on the floor a few times before. There’s nothing to suggest I can’t do that.

‘If I do catch him I think it’ll be lights out.

‘I’m really up for it and going in to cause a shock.

‘I’m used to being on the road and it’s my third time being top of the bill at York Hall.

‘I’ve been there before but am going for one better - I’m going to win.’

Despite the heightened intensity of their head-to-head yesterday, Couzens insisted he’s relaxed going into the contest.

He wasn’t sure the same could be said of Camacho, however.

Couzens explained he has enjoyed the attention in the build-up to the clash.

And now, with the work done under trainers Steve Tyrell and Glen Bradley, he’s looking forward to savouring the moment.

Couzens said: ‘He had the belt on his shoulder when we did the face-off.

‘I told him that’s going to be mine and slapped him on the arm.

‘He told me not to touch him and things got a bit heated.

‘Then he got in his car, wheel-spun out of the car park and drove off!

‘It’s been a good build-up and everyone’s excited and up for it.

‘We did the face-off and my trainer thinks I’ve managed to get under his skin.

‘I’m not really taking anything from it, though, I’m just going in to take the belt.’